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Completing a Health Assessment counts towards your required 4 Wellness Activities for Plan Compliance

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Behavioral Health

Cosmetic Services


Ear, Nose, and Throat

Medication Refills

Men's Health

Mental Health

Non-Emergency Medical Care


Respiratory Illnesses

Smoking Cessation

Women's Health

How do I complete my 4 required Wellness Activities?

All activities in the app count towards your Plan Compliance, except for TeleVet, You First, and Luna. Start by completing one of the Health Assessments!

1. Touch "smart virtual care and wellness"

2. Next to your name, touch "get care"

3. Check the disclaimers and "accept"{

4. Choose what you would have done without Health Compass

5. Confirm you aren't experiencing a medical emergency by touching "no"

6. Scroll down to "personal health assessment" and touch "select"

7. Complete the questionnaire and a provider will respond to you with steps to improve your health and wellbeing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely NOT! DO NOT CANCEL YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE!! Whew, that was close!  Actually, to be eligible for the Health Compass Wellness plan, you MUST have Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) or better through your employer, your spouse, your parents, the Exchange, or Medicare.  You cannot participate if you are enrolled in an income-based government-sponsored medical program, such as Medicaid.
  • Of course not! Due to HIPAA regulations, we cannot share your medical data without your permission! Think about how you use your health insurance – your employer doesn’t know anything you talk about with your doctors. We follow the same rules and regs!

So you can use our app to the max! Most Apps want ALL your permissions, but we only want 4:

  • Accessing your camera allows you to be able to upload a visual confirmation to your doctor (think pinkeye, skin mole check, etc), allows easier uploading of your prescriptions into your Rx Cabinet, and allows you to add take fun photos for your profile!
  • Accessing your location allows us to confirm you get connected with a medical professional who is licensed to practice in your state. Super Important!
  • Accessing your microphone enables us to connect you with the appropriate medical provider so you can chat over the phone.
  • Accessing files and media allows you to upload existing photos to your profile and allows the app to store data in order to complete each consultation, until the consultation closes.
  • We only ask for limited personal info as absolutely necessary:
  • Doctors need to know your name, age and date of birth for legal reasons – to make sure you are legally allowed to seek care without a parent! Your adult children and spouse will need to set up their own app that is linked to yours, due to HIPAA and privacy regulations.
  • The Rx Cabinet is there to help you find cheaper prescription drugs near you, and to help your providers quickly and easily refill them. You don’t have to use this feature if you don’t want to.
  • The profile pictures are just for fun and are completely optional!

Not all activities have a video requirement; when they do, it is for clinical confirmation and diagnosis. If the activity you are doing does require a video, the video must be completed before the consultation is closed, in order for the consult to count toward your 4 Required Wellness Activities.

  • Once enrolled, you’ll notice some new things on your paycheck – we meant to do that!! Opting in, that’s the SIMERP deduction – your Wellness Plan Premium. WEL125 – that’s the reimbursement you get for completing your required activities. WELSVC – that’s for your unlimited access to our medical services. You may also see deductions which were elected by you, for qualified items, using your Benefit Allowance.  Either way, your take-home pay should be the same as it was before the Program.
  • Health Compass Wellness is a Section 125 plan, just like your medical insurance, which means it must follow Section 125 rules. Changes can only be made to Section 125 plans during Open Enrollment or if you have an Qualifying Life Event.

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